Nolf 1 Walkthrough

Get to the War Room

When the game begins, you find yourself in Unity's main hall. Save your game and move forward. Go through the door to the left, and you'll see a sign pointing towards the Briefing Room.
(Check out the sleeping scientist as you walk by). From there just straight ahead and there you are.

When you meet with your superiors, you get chastized for being late,then get the chance to either be flippant or polite. Choose your response. Remember, you always pay your dues.
I'd advise Being nice. For this you get an Intelligence Item #1. Now just watch the show.
Now listen to Greyhair insult you some more, then choose your response. Stay good to get Intelligence Item #2.Then head out to the Toy Shop

Basic Training
Leave the Briefing Room, and then turn left. Follow the signs to the elevator and go on down.
Go talk to the Big Burly Guys (BBG's), who "advise" you to go through the training course. You can skip it if you like.
For those who need help getting through it, here's what to do. Go straight ahead to the Basic Field Tactics. Go through the door, then
follow the instructions to get through Door 1. Now you know how-to use the targeting box. "Activate Leon" - isn't that fun.
Watch the Glasses Boys, and then take off to Advance Tactics Training. Go back to the elevator, and then turn right. The next door on the left is
The Advanced Training Tactics area. Again, just follow the instructions. Grab the armor and ammo, and then in the next room get all the intelligence items #3-#10. Then go through to learn how to arm/disarm explosives. When you go through, go through the door to the right, and make sure you pick up Intelligence Item #11
(the UNITY plans). In the next area learn to sneak. Basically, walk and crouch. Sneak past the first guy, and then sneak past the second by
staying on the carpet. The third guy isn't too hard either - just take quick "peeks"(there's no leaning in the game, so just strafe past a
corner and dart back). Wait until his back is turned to get by. When you go to leave the Sneaking area, check the tables - there's an
Intelligence Item #12(the envelope) that needs to be grabbed. In the next sequence, use your flashlight to get through the dark (just hit L).
Go get through, go past the yellow light and turn left. Then turn right and follow the hallway. Don't shine your flashlight on the scientist,
or you'll have to start over. Keep going forward and left of the scientists to get out. The next task is to get to Firing Range.
(Listen to the scientists talk before going in - loads of fun.) Get inside, grab some guns, and blow stuff up. Pick your weapon - the
Air weight Revolver can't be silenced. After you hit the button just hit the four targets as they pop up. Petri .38 Air weight Revolver - can't take a silencer, but works well. Shepherd Arms P38 9mm - It can take the silencer, something that will come in handy. Hampton Carbine - A truly "silent" gun. Not as lethal as a rifle, but it hits hard without a noise.
Once you're done just select "none" and go through the Exit. You're now in another firing range (check the walls for Intelligence Item #13 and #14 in both firing rooms). Here's a nice thing you learn - don't kill innocents - if you do, the mission is over. And its over if three or more innocents are killed in the mission. So you can't just run around like a psychopath. (Yes, I know how much that hurts some of you.) After getting through the sniper area (if you've got a wheel mouse, it makes this very easy), make sure your weapon is holstered before seeing the White Coat.
Last place to go - Santa's Workshop. Go through and to the left. Otherwise known as Gadget Lab. Go into Cage 1 and pick the locks with the barrette, and make sure you grab Intelligence Items #15 and #16 on the table and the wall. Activate Option 2 (Hit the Option 2 key, then” Fire" to activate the second option). Once you've gone through, just head to the Exit. Time to put those skills to work.

This should get you started on your way. If you get stuck and need additional help visit the forum.